Genesee Conservation District (explained)

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VOTE to help protect our natural resources by The Genesee County Conservation District
By Demeeko Williams, Water Activist

Are the water, land, air, soil, plants and animals important to you? Do you want to be involved with saving the conservation of your water, having your trees trimmed on time and working in the advancement of greener solutions in your community. You may want to pay attention to this very important announcement.

There will be a special election happening on Thursday March 22, 2018 at Asbury United Methodist Church located in the City of Flint. Residents of Genessee County of legal age may vote and select board members to serve on the board of Directors for the Genessee County Conservation District. Two 4-year terms and one partial term ending March 22, 2019 are on the ballot. Citizen engagement and turnout is sorely needed for this election to win for the residents and neighbors of Genessee County. It is strongly required for residents of Flint come out for this election. Absentee ballots may be requested by phone at 810.820.2681 or vote in person at the District office, 1525 N. Elms Rd., Flint, during regular business hours.

The 1st thing we all should understand is what exactly does the Gennesee County Conservation District can do for the citizens of Flint. The Districts mission as described on its website is “promoting natural resources in our community through using collaborative partnerships with the city of Flint and Genessee County”. The District “provides tree removal and maintenance, contractor management, inventory maintenance, data security and restoration of trees from residential streets and local parks”.

When you think about forestry, think about the maintenance of land, being guardian of our water ways and think about the trees. Flint and Genessee County Residents should engage themselves more with the district and its activities by attending events, going to board meetings and staying informed about the affairs concerning our environment after the Flint Water Scandal took affect three years ago.

As far as “we the people” are concerned, we have the right to call into the district to have our trees trimmed or removed along with addressing public safety and blight in the communities of Flint and Genessee County. The area usually gets strong storms over the summer months and because of downed trees, the district would be able to send out crews to remove the broken trees out of regard of public safety. Imagine a tree falling down on your house and you cant remove the tree. The city of Flint along with Genessee County works hand in hand to make sure debris from the storm are removed from your property and surrounding areas.

Voters should be wise enough to select anyone whom they feel have the best experience in forestry or within conservation for our community and for our overall health and safety.

Demeeko Williams is a water activist in the city of Detroit. You may Email him at

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