Testimonial #1 — When Love Calls

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When Love Calls

We have resolved to gather here today because love demands our presence. For too long we’ve witnessed the needless suffering of fellow humans by oppression driven apathy.
Too many times have we seen calls to action and the energies of concerned citizens dissipate into the ether of confusion and chaos.
I say Love called us because I feel that has to be one of our founding principles, and when we say love we have to realize what we are talking about for there are three types of love:
There’s matual love which is patient.
There is love for humanity (or “brotherly love”) — which sheds infinite tears for the suffering of fellow man, woman, or other.
But we are talking about the 3rd type: Agape Love The type that strikes one like a bullet and calls them into action.
This type of love requires Empathy and Compassion — and it doesn’t wait. 
It requires the submission of the Ego… For where there is ego, there is no love of the Agape variety — Agape Love requires that one get outside themselves, to consider the plight of others.
I cannot sit idly by while my neighbor slowly dies — if I see them suffering due to lack of access to clean water, I consider it my duty to them to make sure they have enough for sustenance, and I consider it my duty to society to make sure they have enough for hygiene… by any means necessary.
This is what some call Dharma — the realization that one’s purpose in life is not for the service of Self, but rather to be in service for “The All”, The Infinite, God Almighty, Jehovah, Buddha, Yahweh, or whatever you want to call it.
And when we are talking about Justice — and more specifically, Justice for All — isn’t that what we are talking about? That we consider how our actions (or the actions of others) relate to the concerns of all as a whole?
So, I submit to you, that at the center — we should always keep the concept of Love close to our hearts… that we make sure every action, every word spoken, indeed every thought, be an act of Love — Love in the service of others.
But that should just be but ONE of the foundational principles by which I believe we should operate; there are other principles like Truth, Transparency and Accountability that I feel should be a part of our founding principles as well.
But to set these we need to hear from you — We need your input, your dialog… for you to be “a part of” — we need to make sure this organization reflects the will and worldview of its constituent parts, while clinging to its foundational principles.
The time to set those is now…

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Kevin Perez is an activist and software developer and has been directly impacted by the onerous policies that have wrought the Flint Water Situation. Having lived in Flint off and on since 2006 and growing to love the people of the community, He has endeavored to make the world aware of the struggles and tribulations forced upon the residents. To find out more, contact: FlintWaterScandal@gmail.com and go to our website: FlintWaterScandal.com

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